I have embarked on a path to self discovery. Sort of. Ok not really.
I thought that rather than becoming a vegetable all summer via marathoning tv shows (I've already finished all 10 seasons of Friends, Suits, Sailor moon, and I'm making my way through the Mindy Project), I'd at least do something while my brain cells wither away. 

1. I did a pretty fun acrylic painting on canvas recently as a gift for my parents (this is actually just a shameless way to show you guys...).
2. I've been testing out some cartoon designs so above are the clumsy beginnings of an amateur career as a cartoonist.
3. Sailor Danii didn't happen in addition to the letter from Hogwarts. Really, childhood? :(
4. I've started a pretty fun 30 Day Drawing Challenge, and I challenge anyone to join! It's a great way to spend a month improving and developing your drawing style.
5. Challenge Day 1: Yourself.
6. Day 2: Favourite Animal.


NYC Eats.

Somewhere between my love of exploring and my deep appreciation for food, I've become quite the foodie.
Here are some amazing places I hit up on my short trip to New York City (which was basically a food trip, oh god).

 1. Pommes Frites - An amazing fries place. Not only are the fries made fresh in store, but their sauces are what make you fall in love. They have a large selection of different sauces for your fries, and I swear it's what dreams and unicorns are made of. I went here 3 times during my three day trip (I'm not proud), and I recommend the Roasted Garlic Mayo.

2. Big Gay Ice Cream - Honestly the name fits right in with the liberal and expressive city of New York. I also went here more than once... I recommend the Salty Pimp and the American Glob if you're into the salty-sweet taste.

3. Saint's Alp Teahouse - I don't know if I completely recommend it because I only came here once, but they're the only tea shop in North America that I've found who serves Peanut Butter Bubble Tea. I know.
The first few sips tasted like deliciously melted peanut butter, but it gets a little sickening after. But if you really love peanut butter, why not give it a try :)

4. Puddin' - This is apparently a very famous pudding store in NYC so I gave it a try. It's a little pricey for the amount you get, but it was definitely the best pudding I've ever had. None of that Jell-O pudding crap.

5. Zen 6 - I tried this ramen burger more out of curiosity and that's basically all that it delivered. I mean, the meat and the noodles were good on their own, but I didn't find synergy in the combination.

6. Grimaldi's Pizzeria - This place lived up to its reputation. The pizza is made fresh and fully customizable. There might be a long wait by the door - I don't think they take reservations. And you can only order full pizzas, so make sure you have plenty of room!


Wanderlust; Peru.

Our world is a vast and beautiful place, and we get so few glimpse of it in our daily lives. We surround ourselves in a comfortable bubble of school, work, family and friends - and many people spend their entire lives not realizing what's outside this bubble, just waiting for them to explore.

For a week in December, I got the incredible opportunity to travel to Peru. The culture and people and just everything about the place was so different from anything I've been used to.

Below are some photos from one of the 7 wonders of the world!

 I hope this inspires some people to travel - it will change your life!


Late Late Autumn.

I'm actually not THAT late with this post, since Google's animation informed us all that the first day of winter was only yesterday. I love Google's different animations, it really makes my day when I open up my browser :)

ANYWAYS, I don't think I've blogged for almost a year, and I'd be surprised if any readers still come back, but I thought it'd be a waste to really let this blog go.

Not going to lie, I haven't taken any outfit photos since I moved out of dorms after first year and I'm now living in a not very picturesque house with some friends. Toronto's ridiculously expensive housing, sigh.

So I recently dyed my hair (as in 2 months ago... sorry guys...) a super autumn-inspired look and I thought I'd do a quick review on the process and the dye in case any of you are interested. If you've been following my blog, you probably realized that I've had this dark copper dip-dye look for over a year, and I've been feeling less and less original as the style catches on.

I thought I'd switch things up while the leaves were changing too! So here's the freshly dyed look when I got it at the end of October:

Sorry for the super big, in-your-face selfies by the way. But who doesn't want to see a huge photo of my face ;)
I kid.

For a bright red dye like the one I used, I didn't have much selection from my local drugstore. The only bright red I managed to find were all semi-permanent, and I was recommended to use Splat. The dye looks like this:

It came with more than enough bleach for me to do my ends, and the red dye was enough for 2 of my other friends to dip dye their hair too.
I'm not really a tutorial/review blogger so you guys probably don't want the step-by-step process, but basically you bleach your hair at least a day before you dye it. You put more bleach on the ends and less as you make your way up, and follow instructions carefully! Bleach can stain anything so gather a lot of old tshirts and trash bags.
The bleach worked really well on my hair. My copper ends were more than a year old, but I think it would work fine on any colour hair too.

And then the red dye gets a little tricky.... You have to apply it to the mid section of your hair, leaving the bottom part untouched. Saran wrap helps with that. Pile on the dye, because most of it will actually wash off. I think you should also wait longer than the recommended time on the box.

It's pretty easy up to this point, but it was washing the red dye out of my hair that was brutal. I think I spent more than an hour and a half rinsing, because the box said to rinse until the water runs clear. And let me tell you, it probably will never run clear. The reason it's a little tricky is because as you rinse the red out, it runs through the tips and dyes them a little. The tips will probably not be as blond afterwards, and will become more orange as you wash your hair each time, like so:

After two months, my hair looks almost the same as the copper I had before, with some streaks of red still left. It's just a lot more dead...

This is probably the longest post I've ever written haha.
Happy dyeing and Happy holidays!
I'm off to Peru :)