Come Here Cats.


So I'm wearing a crop-ish tank with this kind of creepy pedo kitty on it that I found in my mom's stuff. I think it's semi vintage and semi...just old. But it's very lovable :)

I don't know about where you all live, but right now, it's below 20 degrees! I could've sworn I wore shorts last week... But yes, to make things worse, I'm sick too. I think I have a strange habit of getting colds in the summer....

Summer vacation is just around the corner! As long as I can get over 4 exams and a month of summer school T__T  But hey, the glass is half full!
I love this quote from Arthur, (Yes. I still watch Arthur haha)
"Some people think the glass is half full. Some people just think it's a glass."
Well said, D.W.

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