NYC Eats.

Somewhere between my love of exploring and my deep appreciation for food, I've become quite the foodie.
Here are some amazing places I hit up on my short trip to New York City (which was basically a food trip, oh god).

 1. Pommes Frites - An amazing fries place. Not only are the fries made fresh in store, but their sauces are what make you fall in love. They have a large selection of different sauces for your fries, and I swear it's what dreams and unicorns are made of. I went here 3 times during my three day trip (I'm not proud), and I recommend the Roasted Garlic Mayo.

2. Big Gay Ice Cream - Honestly the name fits right in with the liberal and expressive city of New York. I also went here more than once... I recommend the Salty Pimp and the American Glob if you're into the salty-sweet taste.

3. Saint's Alp Teahouse - I don't know if I completely recommend it because I only came here once, but they're the only tea shop in North America that I've found who serves Peanut Butter Bubble Tea. I know.
The first few sips tasted like deliciously melted peanut butter, but it gets a little sickening after. But if you really love peanut butter, why not give it a try :)

4. Puddin' - This is apparently a very famous pudding store in NYC so I gave it a try. It's a little pricey for the amount you get, but it was definitely the best pudding I've ever had. None of that Jell-O pudding crap.

5. Zen 6 - I tried this ramen burger more out of curiosity and that's basically all that it delivered. I mean, the meat and the noodles were good on their own, but I didn't find synergy in the combination.

6. Grimaldi's Pizzeria - This place lived up to its reputation. The pizza is made fresh and fully customizable. There might be a long wait by the door - I don't think they take reservations. And you can only order full pizzas, so make sure you have plenty of room!


  1. I can't.
    Stop teasing me. T^T

  2. You hit up so many great places. I love Big Gay. I used to go practically every week, haha. And of course we can stay in touch! I've followed you back on GFC :)