I have embarked on a path to self discovery. Sort of. Ok not really.
I thought that rather than becoming a vegetable all summer via marathoning tv shows (I've already finished all 10 seasons of Friends, Suits, Sailor moon, and I'm making my way through the Mindy Project), I'd at least do something while my brain cells wither away. 

1. I did a pretty fun acrylic painting on canvas recently as a gift for my parents (this is actually just a shameless way to show you guys...).
2. I've been testing out some cartoon designs so above are the clumsy beginnings of an amateur career as a cartoonist.
3. Sailor Danii didn't happen in addition to the letter from Hogwarts. Really, childhood? :(
4. I've started a pretty fun 30 Day Drawing Challenge, and I challenge anyone to join! It's a great way to spend a month improving and developing your drawing style.
5. Challenge Day 1: Yourself.
6. Day 2: Favourite Animal.